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One thing we are specifically known for is being able to spot opportunities and talents. They are everywhere in their numbers and a major challenge is the playground to play on.

We bridge the gap between the most remote players and talents to the playgrounds that are available. We believe strongly in the balance of life and work  making you understand that being a tech-star does not mean the other parts of your life definitely must shut down because of deliverables.

One thing we believe in, is unveiling the YOU CAN spirit. inside of you to the world. Yes, You CAN!

Meet the Team

Co-Founder / CTO


Ismail is a talented, problem-solving individual whose...
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Senior Product Manager

T. 'Seye

For more than 14 years, Temitope has worked in various...
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Bus. Ex / Data A.

Olawale A

Ola' is a mathematician and statistician who understands...
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UX Designer


Shammah's insight for accuracy and insight...
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Senior Engineer


With a sound and analytical mind, Esther is a seasoned..
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Senior Engineer


Deeply rooted in problem-isolation and solving, Georges' capacity had...
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